About Me

Gee it feels like I’m in a job interview or worse on a first date where they asks you, “So tell me about yourself”. My palm starts to get a bit sweaty and I can feel my heart racing 100 mph, so lets start from the V.E.R.Y beginning. On 29th October 1988, I was born around 7 o’clock in the morning, weighing about 7-8 pounds….JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

So lets think about what you want to know about me…well after a long hard think I’ve come to a conclusion that the more you read about my blog, the more you will learn about me (is that a douchy thing to say?).  I just want to write about random things which I’ve observed or a random ‘light bulb’ moment that I will find interesting to discuss. Then add a splash of humour to it, a pinch of my anecdotes and a dollop of my opinion and voilà I have myself a perfect average piece which you will definitely maybe enjoy!


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