As I about to embark on my holiday to Crete, *HOPING* I don’t bring the gloomy, cold Autumn weather with me (I’ve jinxed it now haven’t I?!), I’ve been thinking about my usual manic journey from packing my luggage to arriving at the airport…

  1. 100ml Bottles: Never before have I ever looked at the label of bottles so *intently* seeing if they’re suitable for airport security.
  2. Packing: I’m sure not the only one who pretty much pack the whole wardrobe?! You NEVER know when you need a thick coat in a hot country!!! Well at least I’m be prepared for all sorts of weather!
  3. OCD overload (part 1): Before I set off, I have to check my house at LEAST 4-5 times, checking the gas, the water, the switches- fearing my house will blow up whilst I’m away. Oh I also do this with my car, I go around the car 4 times, just to quadruple check the doors are locked!
  4. Traffic… I leave with plenty of time. However,  as soon as I hit a ~tiny~ bit of traffic, I go into melt down! Here’s my irrational thought: Omg I’m gonna be late, I’m going to miss the plane. I wonder how much the next flight will be? What if there isn’t, I’m going home, waaaahhhhhhhhh!
  5. OCD overload (part 2): After recovering from my melt down I arrive at the airport in plenty of time, this is when the stress levels plummets down. HOWEVER, I still think I’ve left something behind so I open up my luggage which was all neatly arranged to being ramshackle!
  6. OCD overload (part 3): Every 5 minutes, I always check I have my passport. I’m pretty sure it won’t run away, but it’s reassuring.
  7. Checking in: One thing that’s satisfying is seeing how much my luggage weighs because I’m usually light packer. Normally have 4-5 KG to spare…BOOM!
  8. Security: scanning of my hand luggage and metal detectors…wonder if I’ll get stopped and get checked?
  9. Boarding: Why do people rush to the plane, just chill people! Everyone has an asigned seat!
  10. Once plane takes off, I can FINALLY relax and enjoy the holiday ahead!

What’s your lead up to the holiday like? Is it as manic and stressful as mine?!


6 thoughts on “10 pointers before the holiday begins…

  1. I am most definitely a “pack the day before” type. I know what I need ahead of time and make a list but I hate packing too far in advance since most of the things I will need leading up to the holiday. I’m not too OCD about stuff, just my passport and ticket. I have to check these at least 500 times haha! Feel around my bag just to make sure they are still there, as if they could unzip the compartment I put them in and then jump out of my messenger bag….. haha! I have more of a routine once I get to the airport that revolves around eating, brushing my teeth (a 13 hour flight is nice with fresh teeth), and taking gravol before boarding. I too hate the people who rush to board the plane. Especially now that Air Canada boards via section. If you are section 4 but get in line 2, they send you to section 4 instead of letting you board like they use to. haha!

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      1. I did it for the first time coming home from Canada in July and it was awesome! Makes your teeth feel less fuzzy when you arrive. But I did it in the airport, not the airplane. I don’t trust the airplane bathroom sinks lol

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