Here’s 5 random thoughts I’ve been thinking lately

  1. Winter is coming: You know winter is looming when you wake up in the morning and you go to switch on the lights 😦
  2. Shopping in the winter *sucks*: Linking from the above, I find myself wrapped with layers of super warm comfy clothes ready to combat the freezing weather when I go shopping. However as soon as I go into a store, it’s like a hot sauna as they turned up on the heating at full blast! So I end up getting hot and flustered and carrying my layers of clothing whilst shopping around. THEN it takes me ages to put the layers back on once I’m done with that store….repeat this 5-10 times!!!!
  3. Paralympics: Having you been watching it? If not, where are you been!??!? These athletes are extraordinary! I was watching the Velodrom and one athletes with cycling with JUST ONE LEG?!?! Simply amazing! Also at the athletics, in the 100m final there was blind athletes (with guides) and no doubt they’d outrun me!!! They are inspirational to us all.
  4. Road trip: I went on a road trip Oxford recently and I loved it. It was the chance to exercise my vocal ability (i.e.: singing WAAAYYYYYYYYY out of tune) and not caring if I looked like a douchbag fist pumping! A playlist is a MUST to any road trips…not going to lie but mine consist of pure cheese like Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Britney, N*Sync, B*Witched, Journey, Bon Jovi, Frozen (yep), High School Musical…okay I’m gonna stop now…what’s your road trip song?
  5. Holiday: I’m starting to get ready for my first of three holidays this year and I CANNOT wait to goooooooooooo!!! Need to get a hair cut and raiding my cupboards to see if I have any 100 ml of shampoo, suntan lotion etc (airport security over hand luggage). Have you got any holidays coming up?

Happy blogging everyone🙂


19 thoughts on “5 Thoughts #2

  1. I think your playlist is spectacular! What is a road trip without those songs that make us embarrassed if someone actually hears them? lol My musical tastes range from “cool new bands” to “90’s pop stars” all the way down to hits from the 60’s and 70’s.


  2. When I read “winter is coming” I immediately thought of Game of Thrones! lol

    Nice playlist! A good road trip song is Free Ride by The Edgar Winter Group and anything from the 80’s….Vacation by The Go Go’s comes to mind!


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