I bet you are all *dying* to know what goes inside the head of mine…so you’ll be please to know that I’m going to let you into the crazy head of mine…well just a snippet at a time! So the feature image shows a fairground, I just think inside my head is similar to this: fun, chaotic, roller coaster, colourful and madness. 

Here’s 5 random thoughts I’ve been thinking lately:

  1. Unable to sleep at night: 2am: I get up to go to the bathroom (even though I try to avoid it as it’s too cold to get up BUT the bladder finally got the better of me…*damn you bladder*!!!). 2:02am:I just QUICKLY check my phone then go back to sleep. 2:05am: HOWEVER, the cogs in the brain starts working again. I start thinking about random stuff like what I’m going to have for dinner (yes I’m a massive foodie) or what I’m going to wear for work etc. 2:30am: I look at the time and I’m now stress, I should be asleep by now! 3:00am: Go on my phone again, perhaps this would send me to sleep? 3:45am: Okay I really should go back to sleep. 4:15am: My brain is now at full speed…I NEEEEEEED SLEEP! 6:30am: Alarm goes off…FML!!! *I’m sure I’m on the only one here?!*
  2. Joe Wicks: For those who doesn’t know who he is..click here. I’ve recently bought both his recipe books and it’s AMAZING! It’s open my eyes to new ingredients which I would never get, it’s quick and easy! Head to my Instagram to see the delicious dishes!
  3. Films: Why is it that when you watch a Hollywood film, there’s the scene where they first wake up and the blinds/curtains are NEVER used! So the sun is shining on their face and they wake up fresh as a daisy! Now that’s just unrealistic, my room is always pitch black!
  4. Post Olympic depression: When it was on, I was literally glued to the TV for two whole weeks *Go TEAM GB, whoop whoop*. You must read this letter, it’s written by the comedian, Miranda Hart, it’s hilarious and sums it up for me: Rio Olympics 2016: Miranda Hart’s love letter to Team GB.
  5. Buffet: I find it hilarious when the waiter takes you to the table, you literally sit down for 5 seconds before you stand up to go the buffet. I find that there’s two types of people at the buffet: 1) Pile it on like a mountain type or 2) Slow and steady type. For me, I’m in it for the long haul so I’m definitely the slow and steady type. Which one are you?

Happy blogging everyone 🙂



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