I don’t know about you but I do like LOVE a good wedding! Last weekend, I was honoured and privileged to see my dearest friend wiffee, Frankie getting married to the love of her life, Faith. There was a lot of tears, laughter and jägerbombs!

Me: I’m still gonna call you my wiffee when you’re married right?!

Wiffee: Ha ha I insist that you do!!

Okay you maybe wondering why I call her wiffee when she’s getting married? Well this nickname came from when I first joined St Mary’s RFC. It was a cold and windy evening (am just setting the scene for you), whilst we were waiting to hit the tackle bags, Frankie turned around  and asked, ‘Yip, do you want to be my wiffee?’ and I simply said, ‘Yeah course!’. When I first met Faith, I had to explain this story and assured her that it’s only a platonic relationship, which luckily Faith aceepted it (well I hope so!).

On the day of the wedding, I decided to take a taxi as it was just a lot easier. The only thing I find with taxis is that once they’re a minute late, I go into panic mode as I cannot control this situation and all I can do it just wait!!!

I start to sweat a bit, worry I’m going to hit traffic so consequently missing the ceremony.  As it turns out, I was fine; arrived in plenty of time!  As you can gather, I’m a MASSIVE worrier over the tiniest of things, I don’t know why I put myself through this turmoil! As we all know, the weather in Britain can be temperamental. But luckily, we were blessed with glorious weather, adding a glass a few glasses of prosecco = happy me! 🙂


The ceremony was beautiful, the bridesmaids looked beautiful…in fact EVERYONE looked beautiful. Of course, wiffee looked absolutely stunning since it was ‘ALL ABOUT’ Frankie that day!


OBVIOUSLY I was a bubbling wreck throughout the day. Everyone gave amazing speeches and with a slight hint of quiver in their voice set me off!


…Even big burly men couldn’t hold back the tears!!!

Here are some top photos which summed up the special day:

My wiffee is between her wife (l) and wiffee (r) haha
Such a pretty wedding cake!
There was literally no dry eyes when wiffee gave a speech!
This was when the messy evening begun, eeeeek!
I rest my case…

By the end of the night I had lost my voice, sore feet and intoxicated with jägerbombs- a sign of a good wedding!!! I wish my dearest wiffee a lifetime of happiness with her one true love, me Faith.


5 thoughts on “Who likes a good wedding?

  1. I’m glad you had a great time!! I too have what I call “work wives”, and it’s hard to explain the concept to people who have no idea what I’m talking about lol. Now it’s branching out into international waters, having both a Canadian and a Korean wife.


    1. Haha people at the wedding looked puzzled when I kept saying wiffee!!! It’s great that it’s spreading around the world! Wow look at you..having two wives, now now there’s no need to get greedy 😂

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  2. I loved the post and the pics. So beautiful and heart warming. It’s pretty clear you had lots of fun and yeah that’s how a wedding should be. Here in Albania things are different, feels like people get married not to have fun or enjoy it, but to make parents and relatives happy…


    1. Awwww thanks Kristina for your kind comments! Oh really? My best friend married her husband in Albania (he’s Albanian) and I watched their wedding video. It’s literally lots and lots of alcohol and food with dancing! 🙂

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