10 Little things that makes you *grumpy*

Regarding the last post on: ‘Things which make you smile‘- REALISTICALLY in the real world, everyone is not always smiling from one ear to the next. Nope….in the real world, there are things which makes you grumpy. Even the small tiniest things makes you turn in to the Hulk. #firstworldproblems

Here are 10 things which really, REALLY….*REALLY* grates my teeth (and breath….):

  1. Indicators: First and foremost, drivers who doesn’t indicate. Its there for a reason, drivers simply need to flick their fingers up or down to indicate. Is it REALLY that much effort?
  2. Duvet: Someone snatching the duvet whilst you’re asleep. When I stay at my parents; without fail my mother would always snatch the duvet from me, what an evil way to wake me up (granted its like 11am but…STILL)!!!giphy-10
  3.  Sharing Food: If I’m out for dinner and someone steals food from my plate, that is a humongous no no!!! People who know me well, will know to back off, haha. I’m definately Joey from Friends. I felt sorry for him when on the second date he specifically ordered a side of chips for them to SHARE yet she STILL takes food from his plate, just NOOOO!giphy-11The ONLY time that’s okay to grab food from my plate is when I don’t manage to finsh it all (which is a *rare* occation). Well it’s the other way round, I have been called the hoover!
  4. Stuck in traffic: To makes it even worse, is to see a free flow on the opposite direction, humph.
  5. Running late: I like to have a fresh breath before I go to work. So it sucks when I’m pushing for time in the mornings and I just don’t have the time to brush my teeth to get rid of the coffee breath. *Please note* I brush my teeth when I get up then brush it again after breakfast- does anyone do the same or it’s just me?
  6. Lack of sleep: I literally turn into a grumpy teenager if I don’t have my 7-8 hours sleep.
  7. Hangry: Again I get proper grumpy and people will know when I get hangry. I’m a MASSIVE foodie so when I’m hungry it’s scary times!!! I just can’t function properly.snickers.png_ed_1
  8. Sales callsJust stop calling meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  9. ‘Funny’ bone: Hitting your ‘funny’ bone just hurts, it’s not even funny! Why is it even called funny bone??!!
  10. Eating food with wrappers like a bag of crisps especially when in a  quiet environment.

I would love to know what things makes you grumpy?


24 thoughts on “10 Little things that makes you *grumpy*

  1. I get grumpy when you ask a telemarketer to please take you off their call list and they give you a nasty response. I received a call today. Asked the person on the phone to take our number off their list. The telemarketer’s response to me today was, “Well, hang up then.”

    I thought that was pretty rude. Hence, that made me grumpy for a little.

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  2. Oh I can relate to so many of these things! Especially the traffic ones! I sold my car in November when I moved to Korea and I never drive here so thankfully at least for this year that aggravation is gone.


      1. I almost exclusively use the subway here in Korea. In my opinion it is the best way to get around. So easy and no traffic 😉 I’ve ridden on a bus a few times and in taxi’s but the regular drivers here are insane and it scares me lol


      2. But in rush hour do you not have it when you’re literally squashed into the tube with no personal space? Or is that just the uk? Oh gee that reminds me when i caught a taxi in Beijing and the driver missed the turning on the motorway (or highway as you might call it 😝) and do you know what he did?!? He bloody reserved back to turn off at the right junction!!! I literally feared for my life!!!!

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      3. ooo yes! I very much dislike the jam packed trains! And OMG that would have freaked me out too! The driving rules are just so different here. Coming home from my vacation on Sunday, my taxi was facing the wrong way and he just made a u-turn with on coming traffic coming right at us! He didn’t care just did it anyways.

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  3. Oh, I have one… I get irritated when someone calls me really late in the night, and asks , “Oh, sorry! were you sleeping?” . Thank goodness they are on call and not in front of me, otherwise I don’t know what I would do to calm down my altar ego with a violent streak 🙂 Nice write up by the way 🙂


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