10 Little things that makes you *smile*

So the other day I had food delivered to my house (the power of online food shopping, right?!) and the delivery guy was making small talk with me.

I usually go food shopping myself but as I’m injured (ruptured my Achilles tendon at squash, it hurt like a mo’fo!) and in a boot for 10 weeks, I have no choice but to do it online (I know, bring out the tiniest violin you can find!). ANYWAYS weCheshire Cat.png digress, back to the delivery dude so he naturally asked what happened etc…then he said, ‘Well I guess you gotta have to sit on the sofa and look *pretty* whilst you watch the tele!’ I literally giggled like a schoolgirl, I panicked and replied: ‘Well I try…’ Yeah I know what you’re thinking….LAME *hangs my head in shame*. I know it didn’t mean much but at that time, I was smiling like a Cheshire cat!

This got me thinking, we all been at a receiving end of things which makes us smile. Even the tiniest things can do it; here’s my list:

  1. Doing a good deed: One day, I was off to Ikea (I do like a cheeky shop at Ikea) and there was stairs and a lady with a pram struggled to go down it. So Lisa the Wonder woman to the rescue I kindly offered to help with the pram. I like to think I’m a good person and I TRY to do a good deed a day, a week *OKAY* a month!
  2. Fresh bed sheets:The actual process of making the bed is a pain in the arse BUT the outcome is SOOOOOOOOO worth it. I can guarantee you’d sleep like a baby. giphy-6Oh the feel and the smell of fresh bed sheets mmmmmmm…..(sorry for sounding sexual there!)
  3. Post: What comes through the letterbox is normally bank statements, newsletters, catalogues, Domino’s leaflets etc. However when it’s something other than that, you (well I) dance with joy!giphy-7
  4. The first cup of coffee/tea in the morning, mmmmmmm.
  5. No traffic: When there’s no traffic at all but it’s stacked back at the opposite direction, mwuahahahahahahaha!!!!
  6. Clothes: When you try on a size that’s smaller than what you go for and it FITS *hallelujah*giphy-9
  7. Don’t you just love the smell of freshly cut grass…or is that just me???
  8. Money: When you find a £5/£10 at the bottom of your bag, boom!
  9. High Five: When you actually do perfect high five the first time *Tip: Look at their elbow*
  10. Classic tunes: When the radio suddenly put on a TUUUUUUUNE which you haven’t heard in yonks! My friend and I drove to Oxford and the radio started blasting: Jason Mraz- I’m Yours. I turned up the volume, looked at my friend then we both started singing (awfully) at the top of our voices! Here are (just to name a few) other classics which I LOVE to sing with a fist pump:

Do you relate to any of these? What makes you smile? Have a good day people! 😀



26 thoughts on “10 Little things that makes you *smile*

  1. Well for food and shopping gets smile on my face.
    Ofcourse a follow and like makes my heart jingle.. with joy…
    Very well written.


  2. Great article, It really tells one to smile at little things of life. I smile when someone gives feedback to my blog, positive or critical both. Plus when i make someone happy in the hour of misery and help them it gives me genuine happiness and smile! Cheers 🙂


  3. This made me laugh. All these things definitely do make me smile. And yes, I like the smell of freshly cut grass. That, and the earthy smell when it rains in the countryside (in the city, the rain is so gross!) Is that weird?


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