So below are things which I’ve encountered and I’m sure you’ve at least experienced one of them and have perhaps definitely thought: Man that was awwwwwwwwwwwkward!

  1. Supermarket

    At the supermarket, you bump into someone you know so you have a little catch up before going opposite directions. Then throughout the whole time, you try your UTMOST to avoid the aisle they’re in and hope to god that they’re doing the same!!!!giphy.gif

  2. Facebook

    You’re bored so you go into the Facebook stalking mode (c’mon I know you have, don’t deny it). Moments later you get a notification that the person accepted your friend request! The first thought is: ‘SHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIT!’ you panic and quickly unfriend them which makes it even more awkward!giphy-2

  3. Telephone

    Okay you’re on the phone to someone who’s got a very strong accent and you have NO idea what they’re saying. Obviously, you say ‘Sorry, what did you say?‘ but yet again you fail to understand them!!! At what point is it rude to ask them to repeat themselves again and again and again??

  4. First meet someone

    When you first meet someone and you both don’t know what to do so as you go in for a hug and they go in for a handshake…awwwwwwkward!!!!giphy-3.gif

  5. Synchronise dancing

    Well not literally, but it is the case when you accidentally walk into someone’s path and you both keep going the same way. Might as well sign up to Strictly Come Dancing!!!giphy-4.gif

  6. Holding the door

    You go the the door, open it and you look behind to see someone behind you but at an awkward distance. Do you: a) Hold the door, making them run towards you or b) not hold the door and they’ll probably think, ‘What a prick!‘…you just can’t win!!!enhanced-buzz-31505-1376061096-30.jpg

For now, that’s all I can think of but there’s loads more out there! What are your most awkward encounters?


22 thoughts on “‘Well that was awkward…’

      1. So many awkward moments! Just to give as an example, this random stranger decided to hold the door for me when I was almost 6 metres away. I started to speed up only to trip and fall flat on the floor. We both had a great laugh, but I cringe to this day.


      2. Pahahahaha I’d love to had been a fly on the wall that day! There’s another one I forgot to add which is when you enter a lift with a stranger and it’s that dreaded awkward silence which seems to go on forever!!!!


      1. talking on the phone. It’s not on here but I HATE talking on the phone. I never know what to say and it’s so awkward.
        Also, no 3. I’m like that in real life not just on the phone and when I’m genuinely interested in something but i don’t know what they’re saying…AAAGH it’s so annoying.
        *smile and nod*


      2. Pahahahaha it’s soooo true, nod and smile then sometimes drop in “alright” and “yeah” to the convo just to let them know you’re still listening and actually you have no idea!!!

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