Freebies anyone?

This is just one of many things which I have observed that Chinese people, particularly the older generation do which I find totally hilarious! PLEASE note that I cannot vouch for 1.3 billion of the Chinese population, it’s only what I’ve observed!

They like LOVE freebies

Everyone likes a cheeky freebie right? Well not only do the Chinese like the freebies, they will go beyond the norm of not only just taking one BUT as many of they can! Here is Ross from Friends explaining it perfectly:

Ross: No, Chandler, you have to find the line between stealing and taking what the hotel owes you. Um, for example, hair dryer, no, no, no. Shampoos and conditioners, ah, yes, yes, yes. Now, the salt shaker is off limits, but the salt…. [pouring it into his hand] …I wish I’d thought this through.


Now do you guys remember back in the day where airlines actually gave us proper cutlery? Something like this:


Well my loveable nan wouldn’t just steal grab her silverware, she would  grab our cutlery and put it in her purse!!!! It’s no wonder why nowadays we are treated to some shitty plastic blunt cutlery! What’s more, she’ll even take the plastic hot drinks cup which she would probably never ever use again!!! Perhaps its the thrill of getting caught which spurs her to do such things?! She’s a little rebel isn’t she?

However, my nan isn’t the main culprit in this oh no no no…my mother is!!! On the plane, she would take the bread rolls, biscuits, cheese, blindfolds and even blankets! I think Ross from Friends and my mother would get on like a house on fire if he ever did visit my mother. At my parent’s house, they literally have a corner where it’s freebie galore! Everything from little shampoo and conditioner bottles, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gels, tiny packet of sewing kits (why do they have it in hotels?!?!), toothpicks, slippers to clear plastic bags you get from supermarkets, pens, pencils, notepads, hand wipes from fast food restaurants…the list is never-ending!!! Every time I ask my mother why she needs all those junk, her response is always, ‘Well you never know when you’ll need it!‘…oh mother.

Okay I hold my hands up, I gotta admit that I do SOMETIMES go a bit over the top on freebies  (I repeat sometimes NOT every time). Like my mother, at times I would grab a wodge of napkins from any fast food restaurants (hangs my head in shame) and take it for home use. It’s not class as stealing right? It’s available for people to take plus may I add the  Oxford Dictionaries  definition of stealing is:

Take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it‘.

Before you think it, no I DON’T just rock up, grab the napkins and then leave!!!! I am always a legit paying customer who then goes to the ‘self-service’ station where I grab a straw for my drink then take the napkins. Besides it’s for my own personal use and I guess it runs in the family (yep that’s a crap reason, I still hang my head in shame).


I guess the Chinese likes to think outside the box and if it’s available to them (as a freebie) and ‘could be useful to them then why not take a handful of freebies?



I would love to hear what you think!

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